You’ll agree that testimonials and case studies illustrate and recommend your business to potential new clients. They’re as good as ‘word of mouth’ referrals.

When a customer shares their challenges and describes how your service or product helped them out – other customers will immediately recognise the value of your business.

People connect with the practical experiences of others so sharing your business stories is a great way to communicate what is so unique about your products and services.

Have you been able to define your unique difference? Is your sector becoming over-crowded? Are you are finding it hard to work out what will make your customers choose you over your competitors?

In our experience connection is the key – when something about your business strikes a chord with your customer’s needs, when they can identify with the solutions you have offered others – they are more likely to act. Connection builds trust and converts enquiries into new customers.

It’s boring to read marketing brochures that sell, sell, sell. Instead – approach things from your customer’s point of view.

Tell useful stories of how your service or products impact upon your customers and of the practical ways you add value to their business.

Try these ideas to refresh your newsletters, social media and websites – use words, photography and video:

– In their words, describe how your customers are succeeding by using your product or service;

– Share some real life experiences of your staff to demonstrate their dedication and skill

– Music and humour add interest and levity – include a short and snappy video of your people at work or out on site.

Jot down some topic ideas today and make a plan.

Don’t be scattergun – think strategically about your business objectives and the customers you want to target. Then consider the three unique aspects of your business you will communicate with this story.

We know this is time-consuming and you are busy with day-to-day management. At The Write Business our ‘business’ is writing. Call us and we will capture your stories and assist you to develop a fresh approach to your customers.

Business stories will build your business.

How to tell your business story using client case studies