Cover of Nature Boy, Brad Rimmer

We enjoy working with Gianni Frinzi of T&G Publishing to either edit or proofread the texts that accompany the photographs of the books he publishes. Gianni takes definitive care to design the books in a way that reflects the contents but which also elevates the craft of book publishing and binding – carefully choosing not only the paper stock, but also the fonts, the cover weight, the type of printing press and more.

One such book is Nature Boy by Brad Rimmer, a Western Australian photographer, represented by Art Collective WA.

Nature Boy will be launched at the 2019 Sydney Contemporary art fair by Anne O’Herir, Curator of Photography at National Gallery of Australia.

One of the tasks we perform for T&G Publishing is writing the short blurbs to encapsulate the description of the book. For example:

‘Nature Boy’ is a sequel to Australian photographer Brad Rimmer’s monograph ‘Silence’ (2009). Probing at the essence of rural Australia and the emotional impact of the natural landscape upon individual psyches. Rimmer this time adds stories to the compendium. The raw, yet poetic narratives conjure the late adolescent years of a lad wrestling with whether to stay or leave his remote country homeland for the lure of the city and so much more. A coming-of-age account the elegant mix of observation and heartfelt reminiscence are almost autobiographical, and hint to the nascent sensibilities of the young Rimmer as an artist.

Purchase Nature Boy and other beautiful art and photographic books, online at T&G Publishing and Art Collective WA.