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Dot points – to comma or not to comma. Full stop.

We are often asked – what is the standard way to punctuate dot points or bullet point lists? Honestly, there is no right or wrong way, however consistency is important – set a guideline and stick to it. And to help you be consistent, it’s a good idea to keep the guidelines simple. This is what […]

Nature Boy

We enjoy working with Gianni Frinzi of T&G Publishing to either edit or proofread the texts that accompany the photographs of the books he publishes. Gianni takes definitive care to design the books in a way that reflects the contents but which also elevates the craft of book publishing and binding – carefully choosing not […]


Submissions & Tenders – to template or not?

At The Write Business we are often asked to help small to medium businesses prepare submissions or responses to tenders. You may ask – how are we able to do that without really knowing the business? It’s a good question. We take a structured approach to learning about your business and, having worked with a […]

Slinging the slang

At The Write Business we are not always purists when it comes to words. We love some slang particularly those mouth filling words that literally slap you across the face such as gobsmacked. Where did that word gobsmacked come from? Seems it re-surfaced in the 1980s, having made a debut in the UK in the late 1950s around […]